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Our Story

The Beginning

I first turned to plant-based in 2018. I was a student at Imperial College, London.

My life appeared perfect outside. But I was broken inside. I was overwhelmed by deadlines and confused about my future. At the same time, my father passed away. Although I didn't have a good relationship with him, his death, however, shook me. All my hatred feelings towards him disappeared along with his death. Suddenly, I realised that I loved him all along. I questioned myself: what covered my eyes for so many years? How can I hate someone I deeply loved? Looking back, I wish I had treated him better. I wish could put aside my ego and tried to understand him more.

I thought if I can live as long as him, how do I want to live my next 40 years? How should I treat my family, friends, and everyday surroundings? What can I contribute to the world in my limited lifetime? And, most importantly, what is living?

These questions made me realize that suffering arises when I split myself into different pieces. One piece of me loves the world. Wants to be compassionate towards others. Another piece of me is violent, self-interested, transactional, and feels morally superior to others. I was angry when I see people abuse animals, while I enjoyed feasting a giant fish on my dinner table. I was unconscious that my daily meals were built on others (animals) suffering. Not to mention the severe strain on our planet's resources. I needed to change. Starting with my daily meals, I decided to try a plant-based diet. After a while, my inner struggles started to cool down. I felt refreshed. It was a different kind of life I have never experienced before.

Uncharted Waters

Turning into plant-based was not an easy process. I needed to learn how to cook. Besides salads, not much was available when you eat outside. In the beginning, I ate a lot of carbs like bread, pasta, and rice to feel full. Aside from Tofu, not many protein alternatives were available. But soon I was gaining weight and my body started to feel puffy. I quickly tried to find a remedy. I started to search for protein alternatives at supermarkets. I tried some of the meat substitutes. But I stopped as they made me bloated and felt unhealthy. During my research, I found that most plant-based protein brands were trying to mimic meat. Sure, that sounds great. Why not? But at a closer look, they were achieving this by compromising your health through artificial additives and a list of billion ingredients that you cannot understand.

If plant-based food is not healthy, what's the point?

A better alternative was needed.

So I teamed up with Satya to found Sow Foods in 2021. Our aim is to provide a protein-rich product that is genuinely good for you.

We wanted to create a plant-based protein in its most natural form - free from ultra-processed ingredients, artificial additives, and refined sugars.

The Journey

Looking back, switching to plant-based was the best decision I have ever made. I started to understand myself as part of the world. All the broken pieces of me were coming back into one. And now I want to share this journey with you.

We believe that people are genuinely compassionate. Want to do good to others and the environment. No matter if you are a veteran plant-based or someone looking to cut down your meat consumption, we encourage you to join us in this journey. Starting just with one meal, let's try to better understand ourselves and nurture the planet for generations to come.

With love,

Dan & Satya